CARE is recognized for its excellence in identifying and utilizing the volunteer talents and capabilities of individuals regardless of their social, economic or educational status.

When an issue, need or desire keeps coming to the forefront; CARE looks for people with a passion to begin focusing on the desired area of service. Once a program is designed and begins with volunteers and donations, there is typically a point in which the program needs an injection of money to get it to an appropriate level or money is needed to help manage the program, while volunteers organize and run it.

Throughout the year, there is a rich variety of life enrichment and civic engagement activities offered by talented volunteers that benefit individuals and our greater community. Community members and former recipients of CARE services donate significant time and talents to our organization.

CARE receives considerable volunteer support from university faculty, teachers, physicians, dentists, nurses, social workers, counselors, nutritionists, grant consultants, architects, accountants, business professionals, athletes, computer programmers, seamstresses, and students ranging in age from elementary school through graduate school.

Our clinics initially relied upon volunteers for service delivery.  However, as the number of patients seeking services and the complexity of their needs increased, we secured funds for professional staff that can provide consistent quality care with seed funds from foundations.

The construction of our 3,500 square foot center was completed entirely by volunteers using donated materials.