CARE Welcomes Service Learning Students and Interns

Many choose to help with established programs at CARE, such as serving as tutors or coaching sports and music programs for Kids Who CARE. However, we also encourage and provide the flexibility for service learning students and interns to define projects that are uniquely theirs.

In planning a meaningful service placement or internship, students should consider their academic requirements, personal and career goals, time commitment and their :

Knowledge – Things you know and can teach to others

Values and Feelings – Things you cherish that drive you

Skills and Talents – Things you do well that you can share

Requirements : Attend orientation, submit school provided paperwork, maintain service commitment and comply with staff policies for position.

Community Partners :

With ASU, Maricopa County Community College System Service Learning Site, CARE provides internships for students interested in merging community activism with didactic learning.

Arizona State University, Chandler-Gilbert and Mesa Community College service learning students earn college credit while serving as tutor/mentors for the after school program.

CARE’s Community Garden was established by Chandra Jennings during her internship with us.