CARE receives considerable volunteer support from university faculty, teachers, physicians, dentists, nurses, social workers, counselors, nutritionists, grant consultants, architects, accountants, business professionals, athletes, computer programmers, seamstresses, and students ranging in age from elementary school through graduate school. Click here to volunteer and make a difference!

Established institutional partnerships generating consistent volunteer support include:

  • Arizona State University, Chandler-Gilbert and Mesa Community College service learning students earn college credit while serving as tutor/mentors for the after school program
  • A. T Still students provide oral health training
  • Medical staff precept ASU College of Nursing, Southwest Naturopath College and Pima Medical College students
  • St. Joseph’s Maternity Outreach Mobile Unit (MOMobile offers a fully equipped vehicle for maternity care, providing early and continuous prenatal care to women at CARE Partnership and other locations). Watch their YouTube video here.
  • University of Arizona Cooperative Extension provides nutrition education and community garden support. They also helped establish Family Community Leadership training for CARE Partnership.
  • Sierra Club provides regular field trips for our youth
  • Maricopa County Adult Probation provides maintenance support
  • LDS Church volunteers refurbish toy donations for the Emergency Santa Shop
  • Senior Community Service Employment Program provides part time staff for work experience
  • Maricopa County Juvenile and Adult Probation provide probationers to perform community service hours helping with property maintenance and special projects.