CARE’s Mission is to mobilize the caring power of community, providing opportunities for all people to achieve their optimum health and well-being.
Our vision is to bring diverse people together to work for the common good.
Our foundation is based on “a hand up” and NOT “a hand out”.
We believe that through empowerment and personal value recognition, communities can self strengthen.


Preventing & Managing Health Problems    

We work to better health behaviors and provide health service access. Our services help reduce family and community violence, childhood health programs and unwanted pregnancies.

Enhancing Quality of Life

CARE focuses on improving our community’s academic performance and options, along with economic conditions. We strive to increase our community’s civic participation and the availability of positive activities and services that contribute to a better quality of life.
Community Asset and Resource Enterprise (CARE) Partnership evolved from the community partners’ activities in the Building a Healthier Mesa (BHM) coalition that was active from 1994-1999. In addition to community group representatives, the coalition included the City of Mesa’s Roundtable leadership (City, Chamber of Commerce, Public Schools, Community College, Arizona State University East, United Way) and a network of resource providers.
CARE non-profit (501c3) was incorporated in the State of Arizona on November 21, 1996 by the coalition Chair and community activist Bev Tittle-Baker as a vehicle for ensuring individuals, families and communities have opportunities for identifying their goals and participating in the activities that promote their own and the community’s optimum health and well-being. CARE routinely hosts open community meetings for the purpose of evaluating our program delivery, education and marketing materials; and for strategic program planning. The formation of a 501c3 allowed us to build upon and sustain the coalition partnerships while mobilizing members of the community for accomplishing common goals. This model allows CARE to serve as a safety net for immediate needs while working on emerging issues and long term goals.

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